For the first time in English translation, this book presents the ancient letters of Saint Patrick, the stories of his struggles in early Ireland, the life of Saint Brigid, Ireland's first female saint, and the legendary voyage of Saint Brendan and his monks across the western ocean.


Washington Independent Review of Books:

"This is the first time these texts have been readily available to the general public in excellent translations. We can certainly be grateful for this access to primary sources, particularly when popular romanticized presentations of 'Celtic Spirituality' often owe more to modern fantasy than authentic history."

"The World of Saint Patrick is an answer to the prayers of university professors who teach courses on early medieval European history, the history of Christianity, or the early history of Britain and Ireland. In his scholarly works as well as in his fiction, Freeman has introduced students and other educated readers to the exotic culture of ancient Ireland and--more important--has made that distant world compelling and enticing. This volume of colloquial translations brings Patrick's own words to life again, along with other texts crucial to understanding the spread of Christianity to barbarian territories. Anyone interested in that mysterious man now known as Saint Patrick must read this book. —Lisa Bitel, Professor of History and Religion, University of Southern California

"Although many millions celebrate St. Patrick's Day each year, few non-specialists know the authentic story of the man himself, the heroic and stubborn figure who laid the foundations for Ireland's Christian history. Through the superbly translated original sources collected in The World of St. Patrick, Philip Freeman recounts that epoch-making tale. The reality is vastly more inspiring than the legends that have grown up around it!" —Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History, Baylor University

"Freeman's translations of Patrick's writings accurately convey the clear voice and passionate conviction of the missionary saint. To have the Lives of Patrick and Brigit along with the Voyage of Saint Brendan accompanying the earlier letters makes this an invaluable collection for students of the early Middle Ages." —Christopher A. Snyder, Dean and Professor of History, Shackouls Honors College, Mississippi State University

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