Someone is killing the nuns of Ireland.

The grisly discovery of an elderly sister of Saint Brigid's monastery strangled, bled dry, and thrown into a bog is just the beginning.


Library Journal:
"In this worthy successor to Freeman's debut historical mystery set in sixth-century Ireland, St. Brigid's Bone, the body of a murdered nun is found in a bog, and swiftly thereafter a second nun, decapitated and hung from a tree, is discovered. Sister ­Deirdre and her Druid grandmother come to a startling conclusion: someone is practicing an ancient Druidic rite of sacrifice, targeting the nuns of St. Brigid's Monastery. Deirdre is forced to make a terrible choice between her Christian religion and her Celtic culture, and Sister Anna expels her from the monastery. This paradoxically eases Deirdre's way to find the culprit, which she must do before the seventh and final sacrifice, in order to maintain peace between the eastern and western clans of the kingdom. VERDICT This novel is a bit darker, but like its predecessor shows a good knowledge of early Ireland. There's less time spent on character development here, but the plot is well paced and the mystery deeper than it first appears. Readers who enjoyed the first volume will want to pick this up. Fans of Peter Tremayne's Sister Fidelma series might also be interested in following Deirdre's adventures."

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