Lecture Notes

If you're an incoming first-year college student facing the culture shock of college life, don't panic. Lecture Notes counters the confusion of academia with a professor's inside perspective, including three sure-fire rules for classroom success and friendly advice on everything from how to get into a closed class to writing research papers.


Seventeen Magazine:
Starting college can be a confusing time as you try to decide which classes to take, figure out how to handle your workload and professors all while attempting to have a social life. The beginning of freshman year can be hard, but you can make it easier on yourself. All you need is a little insider advice. Lecture Notes: A Professor's Inside Guide to College Success by Philip Freeman (a veteran professor at schools like Harvard) shows you how to navigate all of the little confusing things that college classes can bring - like choosing good professors or how to make it through that giant chemistry textbook - plus a few you never even thought of - like the top ten ways to annoy your teacher! It may not be on the syllabus, but this is one kind of college prep you shouldn't skip! How are you getting ready to take the college plunge?

Family Goes Strong:
As you look for graduation presents for the senior in your life, you’ll find lots of choices…put this slim volume on the list. It could be the one book that really makes a difference.

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