Julius Caesar

Caesar was a complex man of incredible courage, ambition, honor, and vanity, as well as one of the greatest generals the world has ever known. But he was also a master politician, priest, lawyer, and poet, who among his many lesser-known accomplishments gave us the calendar we still use today.


Publishers Weekly:
"Freeman's cultural and historical knowledge bring the emperor to life and humanize him in a way no writer before him has succeeded in doing."

Anthony Everitt, author of Augustus and Cicero:
"Julius Caesar packed more into his life than most of history's great men - and Philip Freeman unpacks it all with skill and clarity. He takes the reader through every dizzying thrill and spill. The scholar will find much to admire in this book, but, better still, the newcomer to ancient Rome will turn its pages with excitement, enlightenment - and sheer narrative suspense."

Paul Cartledge, author of The Spartans and Alexander the Great, Professor of Greek History, University of Cambridge:
"Reading Philip Freeman's pacy and panoptic narrative of his life from unpromising early beginnings to the fateful Ides is one very rewarding approach to answering that perennially fascinating question."

Barry Strauss, author of The Trojan War and Professor of History and Classics, Cornell University:
"Elegant, learned, and compulsively readable, Julius Caesar moves from broad sweep to brilliant detail. Freeman triumphantly tells the story of one of history's greatest and most terrible figures. The author is as knowledgeable about Cleopatra's Alexandria as he is about Celtic tribes, and he writes about the Roman Senate with the assurance of an insider. Through it all, the figure of Caesar draws our attention and stimulates our deepest thoughts."

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